WordPress + FlyWheel Hosting

Websites for your start-up or small business.

Flywheel makes it a breeze for us to create and develop your WordPress site and handle hosting. With their nightly backups, blazing-fast load times, WordPress-specific security, and 100% free simple SSL, I am well equipped to launch your website.

Why do I need a website?

Credibility: Your online presence is critical and a website well done provides credibility. The information eliminates questions of legitimacy, removing doubts in the viewer’s mind. 

Brand: Who you are and what you represent is your brand—it’s more than your logo. A website supports your brand, which sets you apart.

Saves you time: It’s more than just looking good—it’s a secure business tool. Your website serves information 24/7 for a person to consume or take action instead of contacting you, saving you time.

Ownership: You don’t own free social media platforms and they have limitation. Your website is bought and paid for by you which gives you complete control.

What is a website design project?

The short answer is a gorgeous, functional website with features and software. We love discovering what is missing or needed on a site that helps you work smarter, not harder.

We will discuss strategies to support your workflows and processes. Understanding your site’s potential and how viewers can use it creates possibilities to improve or enhance your business.

WordPress, the leading website creation platform, is used for its ease of use for clients to make essential updates. In addition, one of our maintenance plans keeps the site running well, and includes work hours to keep your content updated.

During development you will view the real-time progress of your website project!

Mobile optimization

A website design looks different on each device, so it will look great on a phone, tablet, and computer.

Standard features

Navigation on header and footer, contact form, strong call to action.

Social media integration

Social sharing icons allow users to share a link to the site page they are on. Social follow icons allow users to follow your accounts.

Search engine optimization

My focus on on-page SEO involves creating the kind of content searchers are looking for, and ‘optimizing’ it to help search engines better understand what it’s about. This includes optimizing title tags, content, internal links, and URLs.

Website analytics

Our maintenance plan clients benefit from a privacy-based software that looks at how visitors find your website and how they behave on the pages. The simple and important metrics on the dashboard help you understand how well your website is reaching your goals.

How does the website project go live?

Getting Your Website Up and Running: A Simple Guide

1. Claiming Your Space
After we create a demonstration version of your website, we hand over control of your hosting account to you. It’s like giving you the keys to your online space. You’ll choose a hosting plan and set how you’d like to pay for it.

2. Bringing Your Website to Life
Once your hosting is sorted we work with a temporary address until your live website activates with your official web address. This switch over can take 24 to 72 hours.

3. Keeping Things Smooth
We recommend choosing a maintenance plan for your website. This helps ensure everything runs well, and we work in the background each month to keep things in top shape. It’s like having a trusted mechanic for your online business.

4. Planning Ahead
A website project typically takes one to four months from the time we first talk to when your site goes live. If you’ve got a plan in place, know what content you want, and understand your needs, it’s the perfect time to reach out. Let’s start a conversation and make your online presence a reality.


Your Brand: Custom Business Website

Website Maintenance Plans

Before you commit to a website project, planning who will keep it operational is essential. You may not have the time or skills, so we offer a maintenance plan to keep the site software updated and more. It’s a plan that gives you peace of mind and protects your investment.